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BitClub Network is the easiest way to start mining crypto currencies today.

BitClub Network was founded by a team of blockchain experts, working together to create an unprecedented mining opportunity.

Our mission is to help everyone cash in on the crypto currency opportunity provided by emerging blockchain technology.

We’re one of the world’s top 10 Bitcoin mining pools, and have also helped our members increase their digital holdings of Ethereum, DASH, Monero, and Zcash.

What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin has been called the future of money. It’s the first decentralized digital currency that can be traded from person to person, without a bank in the middle. And new Bitcoin is awarded to miners who use special software to solve difficult math problems. Watch this short video to see how it all works.

Joining BitClub Network is as easy as…

With most crypto mining operations, you need to purchase and set up mining equipment and software, then get access to a mining pool.

But with BitClub Network, we do the work for you.

You buy into a mining pool for $500-$3500 which helps pay for additional servers and software to increase the networks mining capacity.

You simply set up your BCN profile and Bitcoin wallet. Then we’ll take care of the equipment, software, power supply and mining pool.

You’ll start collecting your share of mining proceeds within 24 hours.

We’ve taken steps to create an earth-friendly mining operation.

A significant portion of our mining assets are run on servers in Iceland.


Temperatures there are cooler than other parts of the world, which makes it more cost-effective to cool the machinery mining Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Iceland uses renewable geothermal energy sources, which means BitClub Networks’ mining operation is almost certainly the most ecologically friendly in the world.

And, thanks to these natural energy sources, electricity costs are among the lowest in the world, which gives BitClub Network a built in advantage as energy consumption related to mining continues to increase.

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